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The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is growing bigger than ever. We have teamed up with Nominet, the world-leading domain name registry company, who run the .UK domain register, to take the Digital Leaders Programme further than ever before, getting Digital Leaders into more schools across many areas of the UK. 


What is the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme?

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is a fun, educational online platform which empowers and trains children and young people to educate their peers, parents, and teachers about staying safe online.

We focus on peer learning, where students pass on their knowledge to each other rather than relying on adults to teach them, whether this is on social media, online gaming, reading news, etc. With children now using technology more than ever before, for school, socialising, playing and staying in touch with family, staying safe online is of paramount importance.

Check if my school is eligible for Childnet and Nominet - Digital Leaders Plus*

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Schools or groups joining the programme will have access to an interactive online platform for either primary or secondary schools. These platforms train and empower groups of young people to be online safety peer mentors in their school or youth setting. This programme has been created by online safety experts and teachers in consultation with young people themselves.

81% of teachers who have taken part in the Childnet Digital Leaders programme said that it has helped their school fulfill their safeguarding duties.
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Digital Leaders Plus is a partnership between Childnet and Nominet, for schools in focused areas of the UK that fit set criteria. Should your school not fit these criteria, do not be disheartened, you can still get access to the standard Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. 

How does it work?

*Only available to UK state schools

Applications have now closed! We will be in contact with successful schools shortly!